Friday, 4 March 2016

Angel of the Day - Archangel of Friday - Archangel Uriel

Born: Watches over those born on Friday
Presiding Archangel: Uriel
Assignation: Ministration/Salvation
Duty: Bring Peace to the world, responsibility
Daily Affirmation"I am of the Sun and never without the light of God." 
Celestial Title: Archangel of Salvation
Celestial Order: Seraphim
ColorIndigo or powder blue
SenseSixth sense 
Main IssueIntuition, Wisdom
Life LessonEmotional intelligence 
Planetary assignmentChecks in on Mars regularly 
FragrancesIncense/Oils: Hyacinth, Violet, Rose geranium 
CrystalsAmethyst, Fluorite, Azurite 
Associations & Assignments
Like any entity charged with duties and responsibilities, Archangels have certain associations of creation that are engraved in the very fibers of their etheric being. They are handed specific scrolled items to govern. Its these assignments that bring them into this dimension where they can participate with us.

Archangel Uriel ("fire of God") Uriel started drawing attention early on his career as he has been identified through the ages as both a cherub ( a toddler) and as a seraph or seraphim (a more mature angel). His earliest account of rising to the occasion is best described in the book of Revelation for his role as Regent of the Sun. He called forth the birds to feast upon the fallen in supporting the cycle of life. He later warned Noah of the impending flood. 

Fortunately for Noah and all of us, Raphael stepped in to help build the ark. Uriel is the spirit of Ministration and Peace; always saving the day. The Magus claims that Uriel gave the cabala to man; 'the key to the mystical interpretation of scripture'. His mission is to help you manifest stability and relief from life’s pressures when there doesn’t seem to be any. If you are open to Uriel’s assistance, he’ll be there in a heartbeat. Cry out for God and like all archangels he can travel faster than the speed of light; meaning he can get from one end of the universe to the other in less than a one second. 

That’s why he’s sometimes in many places at once. He views his role of responsibility as one that manifests your quest to be your best; seeing to it that you shine in everything you do, just like the sun.

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