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A Beautiful Soul in Hell - Part Three

The night I first arrived, I saw some male inmates giving small pieces of papers to Angeline, and a plastic bag. On my fifth night, she came to my bed and told me that she wanted to tell me the secrets of making the best out of  my stay in prison.

She pulled out a brand new Multimedia Techno made phone from a plastic bag with series of telephone numbers and gave me. I had seen the other female inmates communicating on phone at nights, and wondered if they were super prisoners, but I dared not question what I saw.

As she gave me, she warned that if am ever caught, I shouldn't mention her name, because she would face disciplinary sanctions. Phones are forbidden inside the prison, but it is the highest trafficking article, trafficked by the guards, who make huge amount of money from them.

When a prisoner sends a guard to buy him a new phone, he pays double the purchase price plus routing fees.

Angeline said the phone was sent to me by one rich male inmate, who admired and wanted me to be his girl. Also the series of numbers were from different candidates with the same intention.

I laughed at the top of my voice, distracting other inmates in our cell, when she explained what having a boyfriend in the jungle jail was. It was funny, but real.

My laughter drew the attention of the other inmates, and generated a forum on love in the jungle. There were two other hier hiers, who came two days after me. They too were as surprised as I was, when every woman in the room proudly spoke about her own prison lover, called FROTTEMENT (pronounced frotto-mang)

Some had their daily bread thanks to their Frottements, others paid their beds and other cell expenses thanks to their frottements. I was surprised that even married women in our cell had frottements.

The male inmates have different sections, and per category. All top government officials, Directors of companies, business men and rich people imprisoned for embezzlement, drug trafficking or any other crimes are the financial horses who  move and shake the jungle jail. 

They have their luxurious quarters, called Special 18, just after the female quarters, and it is easy for them to communicate with the women because we walk on the same paths to our various quarters.

When there is a female hier hier, the whole prison is aware, and depending on how good you look, parcels will start mounting your bedside. From 1.5litre soft drinks, beverages, biscuits, chocolates and everything a prisoner in love can offer you.

Some of the men have the opportunity to go out on permission and come back daily, and if you are lucky that your frottement is such a man, then your life in prison will be one paradise in the jumgle, as he will bring you all the goodies from outside. Jewelries, shoes, perfume, cloths etc.....

Love in jungle jail is one crazy thing no one has been able to explain. Falling in love in prison is just like your first time to fall in love. The madness, the excitement and everything about it is real fun.

Most women had their frottements at Special 18 (SP18 - The cells with the name Special, are cells with air conditioners and other high class facilities, occupied by people of financial influence). 

Every morning, their frottements will send them money for cooking through the guards or some other privileged male inmates, who run errands for women and are permanently seated at the entrance of the female quarter.These guys who run such errands make alot of money for themselves, because for every errand, they have a commission, and a plate of good food.

You won't believe it when I say men abandon their wives and women abandon their husbands for their prison frottements.

The forum on frottement in the VIP that night went on through midnight. The older inmates told us how women from outside attack their husband's frottements in church on Sundays, how female inmates fight among themselves because of a particular frottement. One girl who was at the VRAC had attempted to cut of the breast of another girl, who took her frottememnt. The forum on frottement that night was worth it because I fully understood that I had to dance to the rythm of the jungle.

The next morning, while I was preparing to go for morning prayers, Angeline came to me with her phone, that I had a call. One guy on the other side of the fence had sent Angeline messages for me and 25.000F CFA (50$) cash, for my purse. Angeline had kept all these, plus others, because she didn't know my temperament and reaction to it.

I answered the guy whose name was Ngono, and told him I was going for morning prayers and will call him later. By the time I came back from prayers, my breakfast settings had changed.

Angeline had prepared spicy pepper soup porcupine and plantains for breakfast. When I asked her where she got the meat from she said it was from one of my prospective frottements. 

After we had finished eating, she brought out a cold plastic bottle whose content was to be sweet drinks, but great was my astonishment, when it tasted wine. She smiled as I gulped down the drink savourously . Ha! I drank good wine in the jungle, without further questioning.

After the sumptuous breakfast, Angeline told me I was the hottest and most sought after babe in the jungle, because since news had spread that she was my mother, she had received so many phone calls, and two other phones on my behalf.

Angeline was the chief in commander of the female hostel, and she was the one representing the female quarters in everything. So she had the possibilities of meeting the big guns during their inter-cellular meetings, and that was how she was the highest connecta plan for the women.
A Beautiful Soul in Hell - Part Three
I told her to tell the guys to give me sometime, while I made my choice of who I wanted to have as Frottement. 

There was Ngono, one of the biggest fishes in SP 18, and a former Director General of a State Corporation. Daddy a Military guy involved in the robbery of Ecobank SP 21, and Arouna, an armed robber with 25 years prison term SP 24.

Those were my highest paying prospective frottements, as they were countless, and not all could speak in bank notes. At night, as soon as the lights goes off and the doors shut at 10.p.m, phones starts vibrating with calls. You can communicate all night with your frottement, and in order no to distract the others who are on phone like you, you either cover yourself to your head, or put a floor mat under your bed, crawl there and communicate all night.

Another priviledge of being in the VIP is that the doors are locked from inside by the inmates at 10. p.m, and not even the guards will come inside the VIP after that time, unless in some seasons, where they will be notified. So the women talk on phone all night till 6.a.m.

I was confronted with making a choice of who I wanted to have as frottement, because Ngono was a millionaire, and gave me 60-80.000Frs a week for my upkeep.  
Daddy was a handsome love preacher who filled my ears with poems and after prison engagements. Arouna was the bad guy. He had two wives and four children, and all these children he made while in jail. He was the highest drug pusher in the jungle. He sold indian herbs, hard drugs, and whisky in the jungle. How he smuggled those things inside, God alone know.

Each of these guys sent me a phone and a number, so we could communicate.

For some reason, I decided to be acquainted to Arouna, because I wanted to unravel the mystery of his life in the jungle. He was so comfortable in the place, and from the sales he made from his contre band goods, he owned a restaurant in the jungle, four taxis outside and was taking good care of his wives and kids. He was the best dressed prisoner of all time, and his fashion style in the jungle was as up to date as those in liberty.

I decided to choose him for my frottement and dumped the others. This sparked groups of gossips and disapproval even from Angeline my adopted mother, who was already eating Ngono's money in my name. But I was bent on my choice, for very personal reasons.

If anyone could give me information on everything in the jungle, it was Arouna, because he was sentenced for 25 years, and had spent 13 years already, but was begging the heavens that the remaining 12 years should drag for eternity, because he never wanted to leave the place. He was the king of jungle jail, and even the Prison Administrators respected him out of fear. That is one reason I choosed him. There was something different about him and above all, he was an illiterate, and drugged himself as often as he could.

He couldn't read nor write, and couldn't hold a phone conversation for 30 minutes, because by the time you are on phone with him, the next thing you get is his heavy voice echoing in snores as he slept at every given time, sinjce he was on drugs.

The unholy and nasty thing about frottement is that you don't see yourselves physically, but the men actively made love to you on phone, and after the act, they will wrap their sperm filled pants in a clean plastic bag, and send it to you in the morning, and you too will send your unwashed string pant to them.

That is their erotic channel for all night sex on phone. You will hear women moaning in ecstasy at night, and hear them scream as they reach orgasm, finger sexing themselves.. The men too in their own part will be masturbating, and by the time it's dawn, your frottement has sent you a thank you parcel for taking him to the sky and back at night.

Frottement is the stress reliever for most female prisoners.

The prison is a world within a world and everybody inside those walls is trying to survive no matter what their status is. The only people that really know what is happening in there are the people that are in there. And whether you are a guard or an inmate, you only ever really know half the truth.

Hold your breath, the Real Saga of the Jungle Jail opens up in Part Four

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