Wednesday, 9 March 2016

35 Year old Man Gifts wife on Women's day , hangs himself and leaves a long letter accusing wife of pushing him to the Rope


8th March 2016 will be remembered by the widow of Late Valeri Bertain Nkendzi for all eternity.

The late Valeri, a native of  Tchoualé village in  Dschang, chief town of the Menoua Division in the Western Region of Cameroon took to the rope on the night of 7th  March 2016, after spending more than 30.000F CFA, buying drinks for his friends, and drinking his brain away.

Eye witness Njoutche Hugue one of the deceased's friends told HTL that he gave drinks to whoever was at the bar that evening, swearing to make his wife miserable all her life.

After emptying his pockets, he left for home, where he requested for food from his wife whom he had starved the whole day with her kids. When the wife tried to explain to the drunken man that there was no food because he didn't leave money at home before he left in the morning, he took on punching her as usual, and drove her and the children from the houe.

A kind neighour took in the woman and her kids that night to shelter them till the next morning.

In the early hours of the 8th, the woman sent her child to go and see if her husband had opened the door, but the child came back shouting in fear, unable to explain what his innocent eyes had just seen

The mother and the kind neighbour rushed to see what was in her house, only to meet the lifeless body of her husband hanging on a rope inbetween the sky and the earth. "What a Women's day gift!".

The Late Valeri Bertin  had planned his dead well, and wrote a lenghty letter, accusing his wife of haven pushed him to death.

He also said in the letter that his children will be better off with their grand father than with their mother.

The grieving widow was inconsolably weeping for her husband, disregarding his accusations on her.

Valeri lost a child just recently, and our source said his attitude has been questionable since he buried is child.

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