Monday, 29 February 2016

Thoughts with Image - Monica Lewinsky = Nathalie Koah ? Fame Seekers or Models for Youths and the Society?

Were their relationships consensual or abused? They Blame it On Adolescence.
Monica Lewinsky Steps Out at Vanity Fair's Star-Studded Oscar Party
Monica Lewinsky vrs Bill Clinton                     Nathalie Koah vrs Samuel Eto'o Fils

Couverture de " Revenge Porn " de Nathalie Koah | © Editions du Moment
                          Monicagate/Lewinskygate                                            Nathalieporn/Koahporn

  Meanwhile They Have Great Ambitions/
Et Pourtant elles ont les Grandes Ambitions  
 Hey Guys, Was it really Consensual? 
If Yes, Then Why All the Noise?

But The Real Husband Owners are Quiet and Supportive 
Behind The Scene 
In The Heat Of The Scandal

At the End Of The Day, Home is Home 
 Who is Who?!!!!!!

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