Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Samuel Eto'o Fils and Nathalie Koah - A Romance of Regrets and Vengeance - Nathalie tells her story in a 224 page book

Cameroon born international football star Samuel Eto'o Fils is on the media headlines again, as his ex-girlfriend Nathalie Koah is preparing to launch her new book "Revenge Porn".

The book which covers the couple's past life on football, sex and money,tells Nathalie's side of their ongoing drama, her life before, with and after Samuel Eto'o fils.

The whole saga started when Nathalie decided to end up and illegal seven years relationship with Samuel, due to his possessive and aggressive nature according to her.

Samuel who was not ready for the breakup up with Nathalie decided to blackmail her and then filed a complaint against her on the 27th of May 2014 for 'breach of trust, theft and fraud".

On the 29th of May 2014, Nathalie was summoned at the police station to answer for the allegations against her, where she was locked up for three days.
Samuel Eto'o Fils and Nathalie Koah - A Romance of Regrets and Vengeance - Nathalie tells her story in a 224 page book
In June 2014, Samuel published nude photos of Nathalie on the internet that sparked speculations of the aftermaths.Investigations revealed that the pictures where posted from London.

As the saying goes; "it never rains but it pours", Nathalie who had not yet digested the pains of her being locked up for three days in a dark cell for crimes she did not commit, collapsed her naked pictures where trending over the social networks, and was rushed to the Yaounde General Hospital, where she regained consciousness few days after.

In July 2014, Nathalie on her part, filed a complaint against Samuel Eto'o for "Blackmail, conditional threats, publishing of obscene images and sexual molestation".

During the assessment of both procedures by the lawyers of both parties, it was decided that the two procedures cannot be separated, so they were both filed as one case, simultaneously statuing both ex-lovers as plaintiff and defendant in December 2014.

Samuel who has never attended any of the hearing sessions despite several adjournments, openly apologised to Nathalie through BBC Africa last November 7 2015, regretting his every action, justifying them to anger(I guess it was hard for him to accept that Nathalie bounced him out of her life. I wonder what he would have said, he did the break up).

Nathalie who became an object of mockery and humiliation took to her Facebook page to advise young girls on the type of attitude to put up in relationships.She said dating should be done in decency, and girls should in no case succumb to the whimsies and caprices of their boyfriends, by sending them their naked pictures which could backfire tomorrow like hers.

So many false publications have been posted on different medias, declaring a verdict that has never existed on this matter, which is still in its preliminary stage.

Nathalie bounced back on journalists in a post on her Facebook of 2nd January 2016, where she seriously urged them stop publishing wrong information about her. She further said their ongoing trial has never received a verdict,contrary to declarations that she made an appeal to the verdict that declared her guilty.

Ever since this saga, Nathalie has been the guest star on so many platform, and will launch her 224 page book entitled " Revenge Porn" come February 18 2016, where she gives a full version of her own side of the ongoing drama from when she was 19 till date.

This book is already online, and at moment is available only in French.

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