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All That Glitters Is Not Gold – Part Two

I was actively engaged in my business and loving Alain like I had never loved before. Time passed and we were into each other online 24/7, counting every calendar day  looking forward to December.

My environment blamed me for dumping Damian, telling me how  I will regret leaving him, but I told them that my only regret was to have known him in the first place.

Finally it was December. I couldn’t wait to hold Alain again live. He said he won’t tell me the date he would be arriving because he wanted to surprise me. So I was expecting him impatiently as a prime mate expecting her first baby.

He told me he wasn’t sure of where he would be staying because he had to go to Bamenda in the North West Region to sort out some family issues, before our wedding. I offered him accomodation at my place but he turned down my offer saying he wasn’t sure, and was still to make a decision.

I waited, waited and waited. From the 17th of December, when he went offline all round. His phones were off. Whatsapp off, Facebook off and viber off.  I got worried, tried to contact his friend who told me that he himself was not in Switzerland and that if he had any information about Alain he will let me know.
All That Glitters Is Not Gold – Part Two

I was  worried sick until the 20th of December, my phone rang and at last he called. He said he just arrived and will be at my place at 9 p.m.

9 p.m. was like a wait of eternity. Finally 9:30 p.m. my doorbell rang. My  heart skipped as I opened the door. There was my own heart beat standing in all his elegance. I jumped on him, hugged and kissed him before showing him in. We had dinner, made love in the living room and then he said he had to go.

I was surprised because firstly he didn’t bring any luggage with him, secondly he said he is in the country since the 18th of December and now he wants to leave my house at midnight. He gave me some flimsy excuses, and finally had his way, and promised coming back the next day.

It was so strange, but I gave him  benefits of doubt and the next day he came and we spent most of the day together. He explained that he was staying at his Sister’s place at Bonamoussadi, and that he would take me to meet her. He also complained about  his luggage that did not come at once,  but that he was going to the airport the next day to get them.

That night, we had dinner outdoor at a sea side restaurant. But that flame I saw in him during our first date and other moments we shared before he left, was no longer burning. 

I asked if he had problems he said no but that he was tired and worried about his things that had not arrived. I still gave him that benefit of doubt.

The next day he came during the day again, and this time with a small plastic bag that contained a wrist watch, sunglasses, perfume, bra and a smartphone. He gave them to me and said that the big box had not arrived, and that the Airline Company was handling it. I was happy and thanked him telling him that what mattered to me most was not what he brought but the fact that we were together.

On Christmas day of all, he asked me to grill him pork and prepare Achu (a traditional delicacy from the North West and Western Regions of Cameroon) that he will be coming with some friends. I was up at 5 a.m. to go to the market early. I put in all my cuisine expertise in the meals and set a special table for him and his friends. Each time my doorbell rang, I would rush thinking it was my guests of honour. But no, friends kept pouring in with their kids unexpectedly to celebrate the day with me, and I was still ok. I made them leave after they had eaten, not wanting uninvited guest to be around when my special invitees arrived.

I didn’t notice how late it was because I was indoors throughout, until the news on TV opened at 7 p.m. I called his phone but the voicemail annoyed me ‘The guy you are calling has switched off his phone”. I got nervous and after trying his line all night, I finally sat on the coach in the living room and dozed off.

The next day at 8:00 a.m. my doorbell rang. When I opened it, there he was, standing with his friend. He didn’t even give me room to question him as he introduced me to his friend Ben. “Ben this is my wife to be, her charms has held me hostage and taken me out of this world to her own magic world etc……” I stood speechless and when he had finished, I greeted Ben formally, who explained that he and Alain caught up with some friends, who unexpectedly took them out of town and that they got back at 2:am and that theirs phones had all ran out of battery.

Their lies held water and we ate the sleeping achu for breakfast together with wine and Ben left us that he was tired and that he would visit us again. Alain stayed with me the whole day and even spent the night, thereby wiping off all my doubts and anger.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold – Part Two

27th December he said he was travelling to their family compound in Bamenda and that he would call me to meet him so that we spend the New Year together. We kept in touch on phone till the 30th of December when I told him that I would travel at night so that I get to Bamenda in the early morning hours of the 31st. He said he would call me to confirm because he was thinking of coming back to Douala instead.

Then from that time his lines went dead and all attempt to get him failed. I tried to explain things to Ines my best  friend, who said Alain was either hiding something from me or into a serious problem. I was worried and spent the whole New Year day indoors and very sad.

0n Saturday the 2nd of January, I went to see my doctor because I was feeling depressed. He prescribed me some drugs and warned me to be stress free. I drove to Pharmacy Douala and as I parked my car, I saw someone carrying a child into the pharmacy. With him was a woman with two other children.

This guy looked like Alain so I followed him inside to confirm.  Oh Yes it was him one other customer in the pharmacy called his name’ Alain, I heard you brought your family home and didn’t even bother to visit us?’ They embraced each other and she took the child from him, greeted the lady he was with and chatted with them.

I could hear Alain complaining of how climate change was disturbing the children. As he said that he put his arm on the lady’s shoulder as if to comfort her. My heart fell into my stomach, and I ran out of the pharmacy took a taxi home, forgetting that I had parked my car outside, and only sent somebody to bring it for me later.

The pains in me were excruciating. The scenes at the pharmacy kept playing in my mind and I cried my life out. Two days later I went to my shop to work and try to get over my shock. During the day, a young boy phoned me from a delivery service that he had a parcel for me. I described  my shop’s location and he came with a bouquet of flower from Alain and an 'AM SORRY' card plus a set of gold jewelry. 

I signed and collected my parcel, and ten minutes after the boy left my phone rang again and this time it was Alain asking if I had seen my parcel. I behaved as if everything was fine, thanked him, and fixed a program for the evening with him.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold – Part Two

I was in love with him and he knew that that I could not resist him. That evening when he came, he saw that I was calmer and quiet than usual. He lied that they had a funeral in his village where there was no network and that he came back from Bamenda just that morning and apologized. I was silent, and didn’t know what I felt at that time, but I was not ready to lose him despite my findings. I promised myself I won’t ask him any question about what I saw. Ines had told me that maybe it was his sister or maybe not. Maybe this or maybe that. 

I still had his ring on my finger and as he looked into my eyes he saw the worries increased and insisted on knowing if I was alright. I replied showing him the ring on my finger. He kissed and caressed it assuring me that we will go and see my family so that he will do the official introduction before he goes back.

He even said he saw my car parked outside Pharmacy Douala when he accompanied his sister to buy drugs for her sick children. I told him I sent someone to get me drugs because I wasn’t feeling fine. The doubts in me began fading and his presence and attention became high around me again.

A week later Ines who had never met Alain invited me to her cousin’s party. Her cousin had come back from abroad with her husband and three children and they were opening their new house. The occasion was marked with a thanksgiving mass at the new house followed by reception. I asked Alain if we could go together, but he said he would be out of town that day, and gave me 100.000 F CFA(200) to buy a new dress for the party.

As we drove to the party, my friend Ines didn’t stop appreciating how  lucky her cousin was, that she found a young handsome and wealthy guy abroad until they got married, have kids and now want to  settle back home because the husband is planning to open a big industry in Capital city of Yaoundé. 

We talked at length about and everything until we got to the party location. As I parked my car, she said we should go in and greet her cousin before coming to join the other guests.

The house was a modern duplex, well-constructed in the European way. The furniture inside were new and from the view one could just tell that that hundreds of millions have been buried in both the construction and furnishing. As I stood gazing at the beauty of the house, I heard someone called Ines and behold it was the same lady I had seen in the pharmacy with Alain.  Oh no!

"Stella meet my cousin" Ines said as I greeted her, she smiled friendly and welcomed us. She was still welcoming us when her husband walked towards us and before I knew it, I was shaking hands with my own Alain in his own house. He pulled off his hands quickly and before Ines could present him he ran upstairs.

I had an instant thunder strike in my head and my eyes darkened. Ines and her cousin helped me to sit down and brought me a glass of water to drink. No one knew what was going on, so I took Ines to my car told her that the Alain I always talked about is the same one married to her cousin. She was as shocked as I was, and we both cursed the god of men.

While driving home tears, I had a collision with a bike and only woke up in the hospital 5 hours later. When I woke up, I saw Damian at my side and fainted again.

For two weeks that I spent in the hospital Damian stood by me and was only absent during working hours. He comforted me, repaired my car then paid for all my medical expenses. 

When I got discharged, Damian drove me home and it's been two weeks now since I got discharged from the hospital.

What should I do? Should I beg Damian for forgiveness? Should I just walk away in silence? Should I tell him the truth?I don’t know, I am confused. I need help.

"Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it ensaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused".

Life and love are two different thongs that are often very cmplicated so it is common to have confusions about it. Confusion is the psychological phenomena that happens to people when they cannot think clearly quickly

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