05 Paraglider Qualifying Antiques

One, two … red, blue … the paraglider descended from the sky like a cloud of colorful clouds. On July 16, the 2005 Beijing Paraglider Qualifying kicked off at the Yudu Mountain in Yanqing. Many colorful paraglider enthusiasts are like a butterfly with wings spreading. While completing the challenge of self-pleasing, pleasing the body and mind, they also presented wonderful sports performances to the audience.

This competition is co-hosted by the Beijing Aviation Association and Yanqing County Sports Bureau. This is also the first local competition hosted by the Municipal Aviation Association. The competition lasted for two days and 90 paragliders from various paragliding clubs registered by the Beijing Aviation Association participated in the competition.

The competition is divided into two groups, male and female, and the results of controlling the blanking time and fixed point distance are added to determine the ranking. This means that the competition not only tests the contestants ability to control paragliding at high altitudes, but also requires very high accuracy for the players to land. Therefore, in the competition, there are often scenes of players falling for the accuracy of landing. The contestant who just participated in the competition told reporters that actually, paragliders do not test the players in the air, but when they take off and land.

Paragliding is a sport with a certain degree of danger, but it is also a project that is greatly restricted by natural conditions. Therefore, it is very important to choose a competition venue. The venue of this competition, Yanqing Yudu Mountain, is peculiarly mountainous and very suitable for paragliding.

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